25. – 29.08.2021 || Ponderosa Ranch / Stolzenhagen

We are just in the middle of preparations ! But as soon as the program, ticket reservation and all further information are known, we will contact you !

Until then, please let yourself be inspired by last summer and just scroll down the page!

We are looking forward to you and a great summer !

Adelheid & Tobi

Anahata Festival 2020
August 13 -16 // Götzer Berge

What a celebration!

We are still very touched, inspired and enchanted by this wonderful time with you! These three days together, during which we were creating, singing, breathing, laughing, crying, feasting, listening, swimming, cycling, story telling, stretching, strengthening, dreaming, being lazy … – in short: we became a wonderful community!

All this is fulfilling us with deep gratitude!

We would like to thank you and our great team of helpers and facilitators. In a bit of time we will think about how, where and when we continue with this beautiful journey and will let you know about it! some impressions from the festival 2020 ! 🙂




… we are looking forward to your participation next year!! 🙂

We’ve got a summer dream…

We’ve got this summer dream of 4 days of discovery, immersion, NEw experiences, letting go and bliss.
We’ve got this summer dreamof yoga, workshops, dancing, swimming, music, lazing around, delicious food, letting our soul wander.
We’ve got this summer dream of meadows and forests, trees and lakes, starry skies and campfires.
We’ve got this Summer Dream of encounters, community, old and new stories.
We’ve got this Summer Dream of dancers, water mermaids, storytellers, musicians, yogis, forest and bicycle creatures, cocoa worshipers, people of the heart.

Are your ready to join our dream?


Let’s create a divine summer!

With our debut for the Anahata Festival, we want to create a new space in which we can develop and try out new, more peaceful, more sustainable ideas in these crazy times. We want to explore beauty, creativity and the inner and outer universe. We want to live and celebrate community.

Last but not least: We want to share our joy and enthusiasm for Anahata Yoga with you.

With the retreat center Haus Birnbaum we have found an ideal place for this – especially in Corona times. Have a look at our program further down,  where everything is possible, nothing is mandatory!

… and this is what is waiting for you:

The Anahata Festival will be a tiny festival with around 20-30 participants. We have the whole location to ourselves, with a large garden, large communal kitchen, 3 yoga / workshop rooms. Lakes and forests are within walking distance.

We will all stay in 2-bed and multi-bed rooms; if necessary, we can still allow mattresses. The catering (big breakfast & dinner) is organic, vegetarian / vegan and prepared with love by us!

We look forward to your arrival by public transport if possible and you are cordially invited to explore the wonderful cycle path along the Havel with us!


…Our program for you and with you!

The program will consist of a mixture of German and English. This way, we integrate also international facilitator and participants. We are happy to integrate both languages where necessary!

Regardless of whether you are a yoga beginner or a yoga pro – all are welcome! 🙂

(for more program details see further down, subject to modification)

Do you want to actively contribute to the festival program?

Then let us know by 30.6. latest! We’ve still got some open spots for your ideas, thoughts and concepts and are eager to learn from you!  Diversity and creativity are welcome!

You enjoy playing music at the camp fire? Then bring your guitar, your Cahon or your double bass along!

cacao zeremonie



Our dream cocoa ceremony:

Introduce us to your most beautiful, most imaginative, most inspiring YOU!

On Saturday evening we will all be part of a dream cocoa ceremony, being the highlight of the festival! Everyone is invited to show themselves in their most beautiful, dreamlike, sensual, magical, poetic version of themselves!

That’s why we are happy if you bring along your most legendary festival clothes, decorate your head with feathers or a crown, make your face glow even more with glitter and color and thus present your most beautiful dream of yourself in all its glory!

You set the limits to your creativity and ideas! 🙂

The venue

The festival takes place in and around Haus Birnbaum (Götzer Berge) in the middle of forests and lakes in Havelland.

The newly renovated and cosy seminar house is exclusively available to us for this weekend, has a variety of single and multi-bed rooms, several yoga rooms and a beautiful garden!

We are guests on the edge of a small village. We are therefore kindly requested to pay respect to the neighbours’ sphere and therefore to keep music volumns at decent levels. We therefore will not play loud techno music, but there will be dance and music, of course! 🙂

A corona-compliant hygiene concept will of course be applied. To make this work, we also rely on your help and courtesy!

Take a ride to the festival on your bicycle

For your travel to the festival, we invite you to cycle with us from Potsdam Central Station along the Havel to Haus Birnbaum! You will experience a beautiful 35km journey in nature, along the water and beautiful sceneries.

The meeting point for this bicycle trip is on Thursday, August 13, at 11:00 a.m. at Potsdam Central Station. We are happy to transport your luggage for you!

…or arrive by train

Approximately every hour there is an train running from Berlin to Götz. We will be happy to pick you up with a shuttle from the train station (small additional charge) with the shuttle bus.

Booking of the shuttle service goes along with the registration for the festival (see below).

Alternatively, you can walk have a walk through the forest to Götzer Berge (about 50 min)

Subscribe & join us for a beautiful experience

Participation is limited – if you want to join, register here:

Registration form Anahata Festival 2020

All further information about payment methods and terms of participation etc are provided in the link.

When allocating rooms, we take your preferences into account as far as possible. First come – first served!;)

Registration closes August 1st, 2020! 🙂

You’ve got questions?

If you have any questions about the festival, don’t hestitate contacting us via email. We will come back to you as soon as possible!

Prices and services

The participation fee is EUR 295 and includes:
  • 3 nights in 1-bed / 2-bed / multi-bed room with / without in-room bathroom
  • 3 breakfast buffets
  • 3 dinners
  • Participation in yoga sessions, workshops etc. (see program)
  • Paddle boats for rent

Not included are:

  • alcoholic beverages (we offer a selection of beer and wine at reasonable prices)
  • Snacks for in between (we also provide a varied range here! :))
Day tickets
We offer also day tickets – including all workshops of the day and one  meal – for 50 EUR.

Shuttle service
We offer a shuttle service from Götz train station for a small surcharge (more information will follow).


More about our program and the beautiful souls that are holding the space:


Sangeet: BioDynamic BreathWork

(Friday afternoon, approx.2.5h)

Creating a safe and non judgemental space, I invite you to come as you are and allow yourself to be seen. Through guided body and mindfulness exercises, we bring the focus inside and explore our inner map with its various colors, emotions and sensations. The connected breath supports contact with your body and you will perceive it more intensely. New sensations and suppressed emotions can (and may) come to the surface and dissolve. Held energy starts moving and may be expressed. Regardless of whether by sounding, moving, crying or laughing – everything is welcome. When blockages are released, the energy can flow more freely and becomes available to you. A feeling of liveliness, connection and more space within you can spread and old thought and holding patterns may dissolve.

Sangeet lives and works in Berlin in the field of body, trauma and breathwork as a naturopath and workshop leader and passionately opens up spaces for growth and embodiment. More information is available at:

Ciara: Gong Bath Meditation

(Saturday afternoon, approx. 2h)

You will be guided into stillness through a gentle and accessible meditation, before floating on the powerful soundwaves of high-quality Gongs, which can feel like a sonic massage. Participants report deep relaxation, cosmic inner journeys and increased creativity and wellbeing.

Ciara of Spectral Solas is a 600-hour certified Meditation teacher and Gongstress who completed Gong Master training with Don Conreaux, Aidan McIntyre & Sheila Whittaker. The self-healing she found through Meditation and sacred instruments inspires her to gratefully share these transformative practices with others.

Samar: 5RhytHms Dance

(Saturday evening, approx. 2 hours)

It is an honor to weave musical magic into Saturday evening’s ceremony, a celebration of your infinity. Following the cacao ritual, we will journey through a 5Rhythms dance to an eclectic wave of beats where you will be invited to follow your body into its dance, encouraged to release any concepts of pretty or ugly, connect to yourself and others and cherish the raw, sacredness of being human.

Certified in 5Rhythms®, Reiki, Emotional Bodywork and Integrative Counseling, I bring along my companions – my raw attitude and vulnerability – as I provide electric, creative and safe environments to investigate the connection to the self and to relationships, release blocks from the past and expand into infinite potential. I offer personal sessions, teach 5Rhythms classes to explore different aspects of the self and facilitate select workshops.

For more information on Samar’s work check

Aouefa: Cacao Ceremony

(Saturday evening, together with Samar, ca. 3h)

Sacred raw cacao is an ancient plant medicine from Central and South America already used in ceremonies by the Aztecs, Maya and Toltecs more than 3000 years ago. In comparison to chocolate, raw cacao still contains temperature-sensitive active substances that have a subtle but powerful effect on the body and mind. Sacred raw caccao opens the heart and bring you to an energized flow and relaxed state, which is perfect for meditation, danicn and to connect to your inner self.

Aouefa fell in love with raw cacao about six year ago. Since then, she has been experimenting with this plant medicine, researching on its history, chemistry and spiritual aspects. She  practices traditional psychology as well as more alternative approaches, including active and passive meditations, yoga, tantra, breathwork, (neo-)shamanism.


Adele & Tobias: Anahata Yoga, Meditation, 5 Elements
(mornings & afternoons)
Regardless of whether you are just about to discover yoga or whether you are already a well advanced student – with Anahata Yoga and Meditation, we invite you to connect with your body and soul, to open up, to discover and perceive new aspects in you and of your divine being,  to set new boundaries. Thus, with each session, we invite you to get know yourself and your potentials a little more each time.

With the 5 elements form and the dance of Shiva and Shakti, Anahata Yoga draws on playful and profound forms of movement and strength  that inspire our creativity and divine spirit.

Tobias from Munich and Adelheid from Berlin are two passionate Anahata yogis and also the initiators of the festival. They met at the Anahata Yoga Teacher Training with Peter Clifford in 2018, who has been accompanying them ever since as a teacher and instructor. Both are passioned teachers and teach in Munich and Berlin. Beyond Anahata Yoga,  Adelheid has recently started her education in yoga psychological coaching.

More info about Anahata Yoga

If you would like to learn more about Anahata Yoga, we invite you to visit Peter Clifford’s page: