Celebrate community and experience the power and tenderness of our hearts.

The Anahata Festival embodies yoga, music, cacao, anD touch.
Movement, stillness, AND rhythm.
Strength and gentleness, depth and Vastness of Space.
Laughter, sharing, feeling, AND enjoying.
Letting go.

We set off on a journey of discovery, carried by the finest vibrations and gigantic zest for life.

After our magical debut last summer we are looking forward to
again creating this year a place that brings dreams to life.
We invite you to open your heart and to experience and celebrate
the power and beauty of the universe with all your senses.

Ponderosa Ranch –
where magic is happening

This year we are invited to the Ponderosa Ranch, a little piece of paradise on earth, in the middle of the Oder National Park.
This old farm, lovingly and creatively converted awaits us with its beautiful atmosphere and provides all we need:
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A guest house, all to ourselves with a very cozy kitchen
Anahata Logo rund_groß
A big vegetable and fruit garden, perfectly suited to camping
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Nature, forests and a river inviting you to go for a summer swim

Der Kuhstall (the Cowshed)

In the heart of the Ponderosa Ranch awaits the Kuhstall,
an old, converted barn with 600 square meters and a dance floor.
The cowshed gives us space  for yoga, for contact improvisation,
for dance, movement and stillness.

Heavenly food

We will indulge all our senses. And therefore, the food will play an essential role, too.
The Ponderosa team will cook regionally sourced and lovingly created organic-vegetarian cuisine and invites us every day:
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big yoga brunch, with hot and cold dishes, sweet and savory, with fruit, salads and mamy things more.
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Dinner: a hot dish and salad and a dessert, as well as
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fresh snacks and drinks for in between.

Festival Program

We look forward to a magic festival program!
like last year we offer a mixture of workshops in German and English.
More information about the workshops and events as well as the individual facilitators will follow soon.

Tickets & Prices

Do You want to experience this summer dream with us?
Then secure your ticket and join us for 5 days and 4 nights of pure magic!
  • Ticket prices include program and meals.
  • Prices for accommodation vary according to room category (see below).
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Super Early Bird Ticket:
  • 299,- EUR 
  • available till 15.04.2021
  • limited contingent!
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Early-Bird Ticket:
  • 333,- EUR 
  • available till 15.05.2021
  • limited contingent!
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Regular Ticket:
  • 359,- EUR 
  • limited contingent!
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Prices per night, limited contigent

  • Double room: 51,- EUR (25,50 EUR p.p.)
  • Single room: 31,- EUR
  • Cabins (2 people): 51,- EUR (25,50 EUR p.p.)
  • Dorm : 17,- EUR
  • Camp ground: 14,- EUR
anahata yoga WITH Adelheid And Tobias
Magic Anahata Yoga
Discover a very old and rare yoga tradition
from the Himalayas.

Dance the dance of Shiva and Shakti.

Master the elements Earth, Water, Fire,
Air and Akasha.

Open your heart.
Adelheid Rehmann und Tobias Keller

are both certified Anahata Yoga teacher.

For Adelheid it is one of the most beautiful
things ever to share the magic of Anahata Yoga with others. In her classes she surfs
through ancient yogic knowledge and new scientific findings, gives space for stillness and experience and leads you creatively, safely and to new and unexpected physical,
emotional and cognitive horizons.

Tobias loves
to create a space with Anahata Yoga in which everyone can experience themselves with full curiosity and individually.

more info about Tobias und Anahata Yoga Munich

more info about Adelheid und Anahata Yoga Berlin


Contact IMpro WIth Stephanie
Contact Improvisation for all levels

Contact Improvisation is an eclectic, somatic
and technical form of dance.
We will learn to bridge the integration of our
improvisational self and apply
deep listening. We will be working
skeletally to find a strong but soft standing body.
This can mean resting in
passive poses to open the body
and to practice the act (art?) of waiting for contact
from another.

Much of our focus will be
on softening the spaces around
our joints, active breathing and receiving
the unknown dances from our
partners movement and their
imaginary dance narratives. Be ready to let go into the
tuning of catching, falling, rolling, inverting
and retreating at the appropriate
times for safety and listening to our solo and group improvisational dances.

Stephanie Maher

is a dancer, choreographer, improviser
and project founder, originally based in New York,
then San Francisco, then Berlin Germany.
She is known for her breathtaking
physicality and for creating works that express
a unique blend of intimacy, sensitivity, and wild humor. 

Since her move to Berlin in 1998,
Stephanie has created venues for collaboration and
social scores for living  and working in
community-based settings such as  K77 Studios in Berlin, Ponderosa  non profit organisation, the  P.O.R.C.H.  professional training program and a guest house business
for artists, healers and small sustainable businesses  in Stolzenhagen, Germany.

Naturtherapy With Olivia (Kailo Nature Therapy)
Connect with your inner and outer nature

The focus of this workshop is
on the living relationship
and the mutual
interconnectedness between
us humans and the (natural)
surrounding (natural) spaces.

We will breathe in the fresh forest air
and pause our stressful city life
for a little while.
With selected exercises we will take
time to experience and observe ourselves.

Olivia Köhler

is a certified
systemic nature therapist
and loves to inspire others on
what  to do out there and in nature – especially
about ourselves..

mehr Infos zu Olivia und Kailo Nature Therapy

The Initiators

We are Adelheid and Tobias, and ANahata yoga is Our passion.

We are in love with the Anahata Festival!. It allows us to break out of our everyday life, which is so often dedicated to speed and efficiency. It allows us to share the magic of Anahata Yoga, a very rare and ancient yoga tradition from the Himalayas.

Together with you we want to create a space for dreams, liveliness and full of heart energy.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Festival!
Important information regarding Corona

It is of utmost importance to us to protect the health of you, all participants and ourselves as best as possible – especially from corona infection.

Furthermore we will of course make sure that

  • all legal requirements, which are valid at the time of the event, are adhered to;
  • additional hygiene measures are taken where possible and necessary.

If due to the legal corona regulations the retreat cannot take place, you will receive a 100% refund of your participation fee as well as the costs for accommodation and meals.

Further offers by Anahata Yoga Berlin
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